Global Schoolroom’s teacher education programmes have developed from an identified need, when founders Garret Campbell and Gwen Brennan travelled to Northeast India in 2006.  Here, the Salesians invited Garret and Gwen to develop a teacher-training programme.  Through consultation with Indian teachers, a need for training and accreditation in India was identified, alongside an appetite among Irish teachers to share their educational experience and good practice with teachers abroad. Thus, the Global Schoolroom journey began.

In order to ensure the efficacy of the programme key individuals in UCD were approached and a partnership between Global Schoolroom and UCD established. Through this partnership, a programme for Indian teachers that would give them an internationally recognised award through UCD was developed.  In 2008, the first cohort of Indian teachers came into the programme and after three years studying part-time graduates were awarded a Level 7 University Diploma in Teacher Education from UCD.

Since 2006, Global Schoolroom has brought over 1000 Indian teachers together with more than 200 of their Irish counterparts to share their educational experience, expertise and good practice.  Since 2008, Global Schoolroom has facilitated a UCD Collaborative Programme with approximately 600 Indian teachers progressing to a Level 7 award. Following on from this success, the Global Schoolroom programme is expanding to work with partners in Kenya and Sierra Leone.

Irish Teachers

  • Each year Irish teachers are recruited from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK to volunteer as tutors with Global Schoolroom.
  • Once selected, these volunteers attend 30 hours pre-departure training and preparation
  • In July, they then travel to their selected destination in India, Kenya or Sierra Leone, spending four weeks facilitating Global Schoolroom training for teachers in those locations
  • Upon return to Ireland, an independent debrief and evaluation of the experience for the Irish teacher is carried out.
  • Following this, the Irish teachers are encouraged to maintain their links with Global Schoolroom so as to support the community of learning through sharing their experience with students and colleagues in Ireland.  
  • Many Irish teachers have volunteered year after year, have joined our various committees or helped in other ways through fundraising and other Global Schoolroom initiatives.

Our Programmes

In India, Sierra Leone and Kenya, Global Schoolroom is developing and delivering multi-year capacity building programmes in teacher education. The programmes are embedded in and informed by the contexts in which they operate, providing teacher educators, and practitioners with the expertise needed to develop and implement quality teacher training initiatives for their associated schools and districts.  Ensuring that our programmes can be sustained by local networks is a key indicator of each project’s success and is achieved through partnership with relevant local organisations.

Global Schoolroom’s Programme management structure is composed of suitably qualified Project Leads who act as Programme Managers for each country programme.  Project Leads take full responsibility for the day to day running of the programmes.  They are the senior management team of Global Schoolroom and report directly to the CEO.  


Our collaboration with University College Dublin (UCD) in providing academic accreditation for our programmes has ensured quality in planning and delivery of our programmes.  The quality assurance and expectations, which come with the collaboration, has also been key in managing volunteer participation and professionalism.

Global Schoolroom has developed teacher education content in collaboration with UCD.  In India, programmes have been developed around a range of modules relevant to the needs of the teachers and organisations we work with.  Since 2008, our programmes in India have been facilitated over a three-year period on a part-time basis, resulting in an internationally accredited award from UCD.

Year 1

  • Classroom Teaching
  • Portfolio Development
  •  Educational Psychology
  • Supervised Teaching Practice 1

Year 2

  • Development of Lesson Materials
  • Assessment
  • Educational Leadership 1
  • Reflective Practice

Year 3

  • Educational Leadership 2
  • Building School Community
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Supervised Teaching Practice 2

In Sierra Leone and Kenya, Global Schoolroom is working with local teachers to develop content and materials relevant to their professional lives and contexts.

Global Schoolroom believes that evaluation is key to the successful development of all of our programmes.  Evaluation ensures that we are providing the best possible teacher training opportunities to teachers abroad and allows us to continue to improve the future effectiveness of our programmes.  In doing so, our aim is to ensure that our courses remain within best international standards of teacher education.

In addition to constant evaluation from teachers in the areas where we work, an independent educational consultant conducts a comprehensive de-briefing session with the Irish tutors on their return to Ireland. These sessions allow Global Schoolroom to gather valuable feedback about the experiences and observations of the Irish tutors on the programme. The successes and challenges of the programme are also carefully analysed and action plans to enhance the programme are formulated.

A copy of all the Independent Evaluation Reports are available here

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