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With a ten-year track record in India, Global Schoolroom is now entering into an exciting new stage in its mission to eradicate poverty, promote economic development and build sustainable communities through the provision of quality education. We are currently expanding our programmes to Sierra Leone and Kenya for he first time in 2017. 

Projects Overview

In India, Sierra Leone and Kenya, Global Schoolroom is developing and delivering multi-year capacity building programmes in teacher education.  The programmes are embedded in and informed by the contexts in which they operate, providing teacher educators, and practitioners with the expertise needed to develop and implement quality teacher training initiatives for their associated schools and districts.  Ensuring that our programmes can be sustained by local networks is a key indicator of each projects success.

In India

Global Schoolroom is working with the Education Faculty of Holy Cross College Tripura to help build capacity amongst teaching staff in design and implementation of curricular enhancement at both B.Ed. and CPD level.

Global Schoolroom also supports the Khasi Jaintia Deficit Schools Teachers’ Association, in developing their relationship with the Irish teacher union movement and with teacher unions internationally.

In Kenya and Sierra Leone

Global Schoolroom is developing key partnerships with Irish missionary congregations, in both Kenya and Sierra Leone, to identify and address the knowledge and skills deficits in teacher education.  

Sierra Leone

A pilot programme sponsored by the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny based on schools in the Makeni and Kono areas of Sierra Leone commenced in July 2017 and will produce a template for teacher professional development and in-service for integration with the State education infrastructure.   The impact of these programmes will be to create a cohort of knowledgeable, professional and expert Teacher Tutors who will develop the skills to initiate professional development in their schools and districts.

For more on how our programmes work, please see Programmes Page

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