Short listed for the Global Awards in Fundraising “Big Impact, Small Budget” – Amsterdam, October 2015

Fundraising Ireland National Awards for Excellence in Fundraising “Big Idea, Small Budget” – Dublin, March 2015

Irish India Business Association Charity of the Year – Dublin, 2014

Chambers Ireland CSR Awards “Excellence in Community / Partnership with Charity / Large Indigenous Company” Awarded to Cornmarket for their partnership with Global Schoolroom – Dublin, 2013

Irish Life Staff Charity of the Year – Dublin, 2010

Independent Evaluations

As part of our Governance structures, after every summer programme we invite our Irish tutors to a one day debrief session on their return to Ireland to unpack their learning and to help guide future summer programmes. These sessions are facilitated by Patsy Toland, an independent evaluator.

As part of our transparency, we make these reports publicly available.

Please click on the links to download the following documents:

2015 Evaluation Report

2014 Evaluation Report

2013 Evaluation Report

2012 Evaluation Report 

2011 Evaluation Report

2010 Evaluation Report 

2009 Evaluation Report

2008 Evaluation Report 

What Make a Charity Good?

#good charity

Are you wondering what makes a charity good? You may have heard charities being discussed in the media or perhaps you are thinking of making a donation or maybe you are considering volunteering?

Before you decide whether or not to do any of the above you may want to ask yourself the following questions;

  • What problem is the charity trying to solve?
  • Does the charity’s approach to solving that problem make sense?
  • What has the charity achieved to date?
  • Is the charity signed up to any professional standards?
  • Does the charity make information on its finances publicly available?

These questions were posed to Global Schoolroom on behalf of and we’ve created a document just to answer these questions that you might have.

Review Global Schoolroom’s Response to these questions HERE.

We are members of Comhlamh and have been assessing our Governance in line with their principles. We are a Signatory to the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice and have been awarded Comprehensive Compliance status. We continue our ongoing work with Comhlamh to improve our score in the annual self-audit.

Further, we support Comhlamh’s Volunteer charter which offers potential volunteers seven principles they should consider before volunteering. You can read about the charter here.

CoGP Signatory comprehensive Tri

We, Global Schoolroom, commit to comply with the ICTR Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. This was noted in the Board minutes 28th January 2014.


Signed Resolution by the Board

Guiding Principles for Fundraising

Further Info on the Fundraising Principles


As part of this process we have reviewed our policies and our volunteer training to ensure that everything we do is in line with the Principles for Fundraising.

Link to Donor Charter

Link to Feedback & Complaints

As part of our Governance overhaul, in 2014 we were selected by IDEA to be part of the working group for implementing the Governance Code. We hope to be fully compliant with the Code in Spring 2016.

We have been working towards Organisation Type C recognition (the highest category possible).


We, Global Schoolroom, commit to comply with the Dochas Code of Images and Messages.

Click here for a link to “Guidelines to Understanding the Code of Conduct.”


You can click below to read more about our compliance through our policies;

Link to Use of Appropriate Images and Messages Policy

Link to Acceptable Usage Policy


We are signatories to the Codes below;

Governance Code
Dochas Code
Donate Global School Room
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