To apply for a place on Global Schoolroom’s 2018 Sierra Leone or Other Location programmes, please complete the application form and submit online.

Hard copies of the application are available from Head Office or in the Teacher Union September Magazines. Please post completed forms to the address below:

Volunteering Department
Global Schoolroom
10 Lissadel Crescent
Co. Dublin

Interviews will be held at the weekend in Dublin during January 2018.
Successful applicants must be prepared to attend six weekend training days from February onwards.  Dates of these will be confirmed at interview.
Successful applicants must also agree to raise a minimum of €3,000 towards the cost of the trip.

Recruitment for 2018 Tutors will be open from 1st September 2017 – 27th January 2018

Applications will be reviewed and those short-listed will be called to interview early 2018.

To apply as a Global Schoolrooms Volunteer please click the button below and fill in the form. You can submit the form online.

Apply Online

Thank you.

Global Schoolroom welcomes applications from any individual who is, or has been, a teacher or has experience in teaching. This can be primary, secondary, third level or adult education. We aim to have teams of mixed experience and mixed level travel to India, Kenya and Sierra Leone for the July 2018 programme.

Further to this selection for tutors is based on;

  • Application Form and Supporting Material provided
  • Previous Work Experience
  • Knowledge and Interest in Development Education
  • Motivation to volunteer as a tutor on the programme
  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills

Further to this, all those selected to volunteer must also provide;

  • Fitness to travel letter verified by their GP
  • Garda Clearance (Garda Vetting application forms are provided to tutors once they have been selected)

Finally, those selected to volunteer as tutors on the programme must attend pre-departure training held over 4 Saturdays and 1 residential weekend from January to May.

How your Contribution is Spent;

We ask all of our volunteers to contribute €3000 to cover the costs of them volunteering in India, Kenya or Sierra Leone. This money is solely used to cover the cost of the volunteer and is not used to cover core funding (e.g. staff wages etc).

The following shows a break down of the €3000 contribution;


  • Return Airfare to destination  (international & domestic flights) €1,060
  • In-Country Expenses (car & driver) €190
  • In Country Expenses – Accommodation & Meals €485 Visa (Volunteer Visa not Tourist Visa) €120
  • Vaccinations €350
  • Travel Insurance €160
  • Pre – departure briefing session costs (4 Saturday Training Days plus 1 2-night Residential Weekend Training) €195
  • Printing and Stationery €215
  • Assessment and co-ordination costs €255

Total Cost per Volunteer €3,030


We offer guidance, ideas and practical support (collection buckets, t-shirts etc) to our Irish volunteers who wish to fundraise their contribution.


In 2015 we were very grateful to Irish Life who sponsored three volunteer bursaries (x1 INTO member, x1 ASTI member and x1 TUI member) for our volunteers to the value of €1500 each.


We are delighted to announce that Irish Life will sponsor 3 bursaries again this year for 2016 volunteers to the value of €1000 each. Many thanks to Irish Life!



Training begins in January 2018 and runs until May before volunteers travel at the end of June / beginning of July. These trainings cover a range of topics including;

  • Working in the developing world
  • Medical briefing and vaccinations from Tropical Medical Bureau
  • Pre-departure and in-country orientation
  • Course curriculum and delivery
  • Adult Education
  • Child protection and working with vulnerable adults
  • Development education
  • Fundraising

The training is held over 4 Saturdays between January and May (usually 9.30am – 4pm). In addition, we hold one residential weekend training session (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) in a venue TBC.

The cost of all the training sessions (including meals, residential weekend and vaccinations) are covered in the volunteer contribution.

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What Irish teachers say

Joni Clarke

People who have travelled and worked in remote and challenging communities will often tell you that ‘you get so much more back than you give.’ Soon after beginning work in Umkiang, a small jungle village in remote North East India I came to know and understand this deeply. The dedication and interest shown by the Indian teachers was inspiring. The insights and experiences within this intimate community were as special and unique as one could ever hope for. It was an incredible opportunity for me professionally and personally. So now I am one of those people who say, ‘you get so much more back than you give’, and it’s true.

Clare McCarthy, a Secondary School Teacher

Our journey in education was to take us to many locations rarely visited by people from the West – the hot, humid plains of this tea and rice growing region rise into the Jaintia hills and border Bangladesh and Myanmar. For many of us this would be the highlight of our careers in education. Our task was to work with teachers and technical trainees in developing skills best suited to their working environment. Their tremendous dedication and belief in the value of education inspired us and reconfirmed our commitment to educating young people, both Indian and Irish

Maurice O’Mahony, a Primary School Principal from Cork

This is the most important thing I have done in my 25 year teaching career.

Cathy Geraghty - Member of GS Team 2010

I was a member of the Global Schoolroom Team in 2010, and was involved in the first year of the three year programme developing the teaching skills of Ugandan secondary school teachers. The Global Schoolroom Programme ticks so many boxes for me: • It is extremely professionally organised and volunteers’ health and safety needs are paramount; • The pre-departure training is rigorous; • GSR works with the Ugandan Ministry of Education ensuring that effort is not duplicated; • It offers the local teachers something of real and lasting value – an internationally accredited qualification; • It aims to build in sustainability and a mentoring programme so that in due course the teachers can pass on the knowledge gained on the course to their peers; • It allows Irish teachers to develop professionally and personally by giving them an opportunity to live and work within a Ugandan or Indian community, sharing their skills and experiences and bringing home to their classrooms an insight into what happens in schoolrooms in other corners of the globe. The assignment I undertook with Global Schoolroom has been a truly positive, memorable and valuable experience for me both professionally and personally.

Emma White (ASTI) - Member of GS Team 2010

I qualified as an English and Religion teacher in 2007. My passion has always been to travel, so volunteering was something I had planned to do at some stage. From the moment I found out I had been accepted to take part in the Global Schoolroom programme I was excited. The organisation was very professional and the fact that they have backing from UCD and Cornmarket was a huge bonus. I did feel slightly nervous about the task ahead, however through the workshops beforehand and the personal link with people who had’ been there and done it’, all my queries were answered and I was put at ease.

I would say to anyone thinking of volunteering for GS to go for it! There is so much to learn from this experience both professionally and personally. India is an amazing country. Although the experience can be challenging at times, it is manageable. You will see just how little we really ‘need’ things, and come back appreciating the luxuries we have. I can appreciate the many opportunities we have that others in India do not.

As Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world’…..with Global Schoolroom you really feel that is true.

Helena McSorley (INTO) – Member of GS Team 2010

When I was chosen to go to India as part of Global Schoolroom in December last year, I wrongly though that I was going to be teaching the Indian teachers. When I got there, I realised that the programme was so much deeper than this and we were actually able to share ideas, strategies and concepts with the teachers there. Yes they may have learned from me but I also learned a lot from them. We have a lot more resources in our schools, but often it is the simple teacher-student time that is the most valuable teaching tool. Global Schoolroom made me more appreciative as a teacher and also humbled me. It was a brilliant experience. I will never forget my time in India and both my teaching and my life have been enriched by this experience.

Jenny Dooley Ryan (INTO) Seconded to PDST from Salesian Primay School, Fernbank, Limerick

The Global schoolroom initiative is making a real difference. It is impacting on how school communities work and how pupils learn in North East India. It is an enabling and empowering tool for participants, a tool by which Indian teachers can evaluate and improve teaching and learning. This has been and continues to be a life changing process for participating teachers from the East and the West. It respects the power of education to break cycles of injustice and inequalities, thus providing opportunities for all. I feel extremely privileged to have participated in Global Schoolroom. The preparation was thorough, the support was unfaltering, the commitment was inspiring, the learning is long-lasting and the memories are unforgettable.

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What Irish teachers say

Matthew O Connor (ASTI) – Member of GS Team 2008

Visiting North Eastern India with Global schoolroom was an opportunity of a lifetime…rather than being a visitor in a new land, I felt I was seeing beyond the obvious.. My images of India include the laughter as we introduced “rock the boat! into a lesson plan, the candlelight lesson planning sessions in the evenings and the excitement of school visits. The honesty and welcoming disposition of the people will forever be with me.

Olivia Mc Garry (INTO) – Member of GS Team 2007

My name is Olivia and I was honoured to be a member of the first team of teachers who travelled to India to work with Global Schoolroom. I knew from the very first introductory meeting in Dublin that it was going to be an experience of a lifetime and I was not disappointed. The people I travelled with were amazing, all with different areas of expertise and talents. Everyone had a shared goal and really loved passing on their knowledge to our Indian colleagues. Whatever the Indian people and education system gained from me I believe I was the lucky one. I cherish the memories of the smiles of the people I worked with. The children’s faces still make me happy when I think of them. Fr. Anthony was so kind to us and proudly wanted to show all his country had to offer from tea plantations, churches, village schools, beautiful scenery, mudslides, colour, foods, singing and dancing. I cannot praise this project enough and I am thrilled to see it grow from strength to strength. Global Schoolroom is a project to be immensely proud of. I would recommend anyone thinking of giving some time to do this work abroad to take the chance. You will always be delighted you did.

Patrick Sullivan (INTO) – Principal of Ard Rí Community National School Member of GS Team 2009 & 2010

Global Schoolroom has been the single most rewarding project I have undertaken in my teaching career. The most rewarding aspect of the programme is that it is a reciprocal learning process for both Irish and Indian teachers. I learned a huge amount about the Indian culture, formed strong friendships and examined my own teaching philosophy. Working with such an inspirational group of Irish teachers forged a deeper respect for my chosen profession and strengthened my love of teaching. In each of the last two years that I have participated, despite the considerable amount of work involved, I have returned to my job in September feeling energised, full of new ideas and with a greater understand of the gift of education.

The programme itself is hugely worthwhile to the Indian teachers. I have had the privilege of witnessing Indian teachers grow in confidence and up-skill their teaching methods. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Global Schoolroom students respect and value our contribution to their development. My lasting memories of my trips to India are of hard work, firm friendship and friendly faces. I can highly recommend Global Schoolroom to anyone who has an interest in Educational Development.

Siobhan Brennan – St. Laurences Boys National School, Lower Kilmacud Rd, Stillorgan, Co Dublin. Member of GS Team 2008

India is an amazing country to visit as a tourist. They say it assails all your senses as soon as you set foot in the country. To spend time there as part of a community is even more amazing. To do so in one of the remotest and less visited parts of India – the north east – can only be described as a privilege. The people there are very welcoming. They are gentle, kind and so willing to make our stay a good one. Working with teachers in their unique environment is a learning curve for all concerned. I feel I came back to Ireland enriched both professionally and personally

Tony O’Rourke (ASTI) Member of GS Team 2007, 2008, 2010

Global Schoolroom is all about people. First there are the members of the Global Schoolroom team who begin as acquaintances, develop into colleagues, and ultimately becoming firm friends. Then there are the Indian teachers whose appetite for learning is as great as their remuneration is small, whose hospitality, friendliness, good humour and thirst for knowledge constantly energise us. There are the pupils, many of whom endure all the hardships and deprivations associated with the developing world and yet turn up smiling and enthusiastic at their schools each day. And there are the Salesian priests, in whose parish schools we work and in whose homes we stay, attempting to provide the best possible education with limited resources constantly striving to improve the quality of teaching and learning and to upgrade buildings and equipment. Global Schoolroom has been good for me: in the many new and exotic places I have seen and experiences I have enjoyed; in the Irish and Indian people I have met and befriended; in the new teaching skills I have learned from my interaction with my Irish and Indian colleagues as part of this programme. It has given this fifty-something-year-old new challenges, new energy, new ideas and a renewed love for my career.

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What Indian teachers say

“This training is a wonderful gift to our village teachers and our school. We benefited greatly.”
“It helped improve my teaching. When I return to my school I will make use of what I have learnt everyday.”
“It taught me a great deal which I had not learned in all my long years of teaching. I cannot forget the great work of our tutors and the heart and soul they put into making us more knowledgeable teachers. This will certainly be to the benefit of our own schools and children.”

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